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  • Carolyna Bradford

Why Bother?

Change is hard. Having a clear reason why you want to change will help.

Our fit tip for winter is a mental exercise.

When you think of your health and your goals to improve it, what is your reason behind it?

If we don’t have a Why?”, we can easily default to “Why bother?”

Why do you want to lose weight, eat healthier, lift more, be more flexible, find work-life balance, get fit, get more sleep, meditate, reduce stress, say more positive self-talk, stop smoking, lower your blood pressure, surround yourself with good people, etc…?

Pick a goal that speaks to you.

For me, I want to be fit, which means getting in at least the minimum amount of exercise a week.

The thing is, I like to work out, but the culmination of my actions (or inactions) for the last 6 months does not reflect the person I want to see in the mirror or how I feel inside.

My “why” is because I want to experience life the best I can. I want to see what my body can do if pushed in a healthy way to be at its’ best. I also do not want to become a regular in the healthcare system. I want to spend my time being healthy and not attending to illnesses and injuries that could be prevented. I want to invest my time and money in other things.

How do you find your “Why”?

After you choose a goal, think about where you see yourself when you reach your goal.

Will it make you a better person to work towards the goal? Will you better off physically, emotionally, financially, or mentally? Will it help you have more positive interactions with your family and friends? Do you want to be at your best for your family? If you continue to work towards or achieve this goal, how will affect you a month from now? Three months? A year?

Now that you found the “Why” write it down. Writing it down helps your brain see it and is another step in solidifying your goal.

After you write it down, put it somewhere where you can see it regularly. It doesn’t have to be out in the open for everyone to see, although it can be. You do need to put it where you will see it at least once a week.

Are you are on track, or do you need to adjust your actions?

On Monday mornings, as I check my bank account, look at what needs to be paid, and think about what I need to buy for meals, I read the goal that I keep on my desk. It is my way to start the week to see if I need to recalibrate or if I am on track. For the record, I find I usually need to recalibrate a little.

Don’t judge your progress, just look at your past actions as an impartial professional who would say, “Yes, you moved closer to your goal. Keep doing what you are doing” or “Let’s see what you tweak this week to help you be successful.”

Slow and steady actions will get you to your goals.

Your “why” will be the motivation to keep you there.

Be well.

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