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I LOVE coffee and cooking.  Let's see what works and what should be put on the back burner (see what I did there?).

Coffee and Book

Something to ponder over your
morning brew

April 2022

While I am thinking up my next recipe to try, what do you think of Starbucks idea to phase out their cups by 2025?

While I think it is a great goal, I wonder about the mobile orders and the idea of planning ahead on a trip.  

The company said in an interview that they are working on these challenges, but I am curious. Do you think it is an attainable goal?  Would you be willing to wait in line at a wash station and then wait in line for coffee?

Tim 2021.jpg

Chef Tim
Tim is a Marine Corps veteran who loves to cook.  He assisted in many culinary cooking classes along side some of the best chefs in Columbus, Ohio.  He also created and ran Tims Organic Pantry, a meal delivery and catering service. He also catered for many small movie sets in the midwest, mastering the art of thinking on the go and not having a traditional kitchen to prepare meals. Tim loves coffee and trying new foods.

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