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Mountaineous Landscape

The Mountain Lifestyle
Enjoy the adventure of today!

Hopefully this section will inspire you.

We lived in the city for 25 years and now live

in the mountains of Vermont.

We enjoy food, travel, culture and the beauty of the mountains.

Girl Hiking in Mountains


"The little things add up." is a popular saying in our home.  This section gives tips, musing and bite size info on how to improve your health anywhere. 

Happy Girl

Maple Syrup Motivated

Motivation- hard to come by, isn't it?

Yeh, it is for us too.  This section included what motivates us and what behavioral tweaks we are trying now to get us to goals. 

Coffee and Book

Coffee and Cookbooks

What are we experimenting with in the kitchen this month? We've been on a spice kick, but let's see what we can whip up.  Sometimes we create our own, other times, we are trying the latest recipe that caught our eye.  Nothing complicated, trust us :)

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